Web Toolbox (w-t.xyz) is a collection of tools
to help you create online, created by 17-yo maker Brendan Hersh.

Here's what we have to offer:

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Click Counter

Each click of the button below will add one to your total. Refresh to reset.


.txt Notepad

Change file.txt to any name/extension and put your text in the box below.
Click 'Download' to save.
Supported file types include: .txt .c .css .csv .html .js .svg

String Length

Enter your text and press "Calculate" to find the number of characters in a given block of text (including spaces and special characters).

UI Palettes

Here are some of the color palettes I use for my personal projects. Enjoy! 🎨

Discord Palette*





Space Mono Palette*





Abstract Palette*





Web Toolbox Palette





Button Styles

Use these CSS rules to give your site's buttons extra character.
Add just certain effects to your buttons or use complete pre-made buttons.

How do I use these?
Add this code in between the <head> and </head> tags on your website:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://cdn.brendanhersh.com/web-toolbox/button-styles.css">

The stylesheet weighs only ~3.1 kb, it will not slow your site's loading by any visible amount.

Try out all the different button styles below. To use one of them, copy the ID below each button and apply it to your button in your code.

For instance, this was your button's code before:
<a class="button">Click Me</a>

Add id="fx_XXXXX" inside the first tag, like this.
Change fx_XXXXX to the button effect you chose.

<a class="button" id="fx_XXXXX">Click Me</a>

Just Effects (just adds hover and click effects, no style)





Full Presets (includes style, hover, and click effects)


Lorem Ipsum

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet... is sample text used by programmers and designers to show how text will look. Copy/paste as much as you need!

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Brendan Hersh is a homeschooled student who has always loved computers and technology. He opened his first web store when he was 8 and is now building websites, creating online content, and digital/print design for clients. He has also taught HTML/CSS classes and has appeared multiple times on HLN for tech reviews.

Web Toolbox has been an idea of mine for well over a year. I continuously needed basic tools for my other projects online like a click counter or a tool to find how many characters are in a string of text, but when I went to look for these tools, they were hidden behind terribly designed and hard-to-use UIs.

I decided to try my hand at making my own and it turned out better than I had expected! The first tool was the click counter, which I was able to make with some simple JS, basic HTML, and Carrd by @ajlkn.
by the way he's super cool go check him out

I ended up finishing the site in under a month for the .xyz website creation contest. I started on July 1st and finished on July 30th, as the contest required it to be built in under a month. Even beyond the contest, I will continue to develop and work on these features!

Please consider donating if you love Web Toolbox! I never run ads on any of my websites and they are all paid for out-of-pocket.
It's very appreciated! ❤️